Hack Facebook Account Passwords

Your Facebook account already hacked and you just want it to be back. But how? You spent one day, even one week on the Net but nothing. Why dont use the online hacking tool below? It is so easy to hack Facebook account passwords with this tool that you can hack someones Facebook account for fun.

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1. Download Software To Hack Facebook Account Passwords

Almost everyday, hundreds of Facebook profiles are being hacked. Do you know why? Well, you actually want to ask: Is it possible? and How? It is absolutely possible! Hundreds of system security loop holes can be easily recognized by elite hackers and that is what we do!

In case you want to have a free software to HFAP, you can download ours. If you want to retrieve your own Facebook password or hack only one time, I think the trial verson is enough.

Hack Facebook Account Passwords With Password Recovery Bundle?

The nearly most Web browsers have a pretty nifty password manager, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera. When you login to Facebook, the Web browser offers to save your username and password. The next time you visit that page, user name and password fields are auto completed for you. A real time-saver.

But have you ever forgotten your Facebook password and need to recover the password saved in your browser? Once you have let your web browser remembers your password, it's quite easy to recover the password with Password Recovery Bundle. Let's take the example of Firefox browser.

  1. Download and install Password Recovery Bundle.
  2. Run Password Recovery Bundle, then click the Start Recovery button. It will bring up a drop-down menu that shows all supported password types.
  3. Select the Firefox Password option.
  4. The program will instantly decrypt the passwords saved in Firefox's password manager, then display the logins and passwords to all your Facebook accounts.

Download to hack Facebook account passwords

Now you can use this software to hack Facebook account passwords. You will get the email and password to login that account. You will never need a decrypt software to get the plain/final password. Because this program will instantly decrypt it for you. With this program, you can not only hack Facebook account passwords but hack also any type of account passwords.

2. Hack Facebook Account Passwords With The Help Of Your Friends

If someone forgets their Facebook password and also cannot access their email account. Facebook currently allows to give another new email address to give you a new password.In order to provide a new password, Facebook will ask the victim to suggest the three trusted friends so that Facebook can send three different codes to them.Once the victim gets all the three codes from those friends, Facebook will send a new password to new email account.

We can hack Facebook account passwords with this way. You just need to have at least 3 fake Facebook accounts added in the friend list of your victim.

Then go to http://facebook.com and click on the option "Forgot your password?".

Now you can get the new password through 2 options.

How To Hack Facebook Account Passwords

Use the first option if you know the victims email address, phone number or Facebook username.

In second option in place of Your name fill up the victim name and in place of A friend's name fill up name of any friend who is in the friend list of the victim or you can also fill your name.

Once you get the three codes sent by Facebook, just fill them in correct manner. After that, the new password will be sent to your new email address.

How To Hack Facebook Passwords

Note: This trick only works if you have the 3 fake Facebook accounts added to your victims friend list.